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for the last 23 years, said he is concerned about the late-night crowd a Taco Bell could bring to the stretch of Western. Pylinski also worries the late-night drive-thru could attract a loud and rowdy crowd to the neighborhood.  Almaraz said he isn't worried the Taco Bell will hurt his business — Taco Bell doesn't serve the same authentic fare as his taqueria — but he doesn't believe the restaurant will "fit in" with the character of the immediate neighborhood. In addition to Mexican staples, the area — part of Heart of Italy — is home to legacy Italian restaurants, including Il Vicinato Ristorante and Bruna's Ristorante.  Instead of clearing the way for new chain restaurants to open, Almaraz said he wants the city to focus on building up small, family-owned businesses like his. "Pilsen is changing, I know. I get it. But there are other options that are out there," Alamaraz said. "A business like that tears down the feeling of the neighborhood."  Taqueria Tayahua is open until 11 p.m. during the week and 1 a.m. on weekends. Existing Taco Bell locations in the city close between Midnight and 5 a.m.  James Spyropoulos, a Realtor with Devon Realty , the firm that owns the site, said the restaurant group is still working to land permits before construction begins on the restaurant. The site has been vacant for five years.  Devon Realty has not fielded complaints on plans for the site, but one nearby company owner expressed excitement that a Taco Bell was opening, Spyropoulos said Wednesday. The restaurant group, which has a long-term lease on the site, determined a Taco Bell would work at that location, he said.  "We're just a landlord," Spyropoulos said.  In approving the zoning change, Pylinski said Solis, who also chairs the city's Committee on Zoning, prioritized "progress over neighborhood pride."  "Put that stuff out in the suburbs," Pylinski said of the fast food restaurant.  Solis said he was surprised that a Taco Bell restaurant aimed to open in Pilsen.  "I said, 'Are you sure you'll be able to get business here in a Mexican neighborhood?" said Solis, who is Mexican-American.  But the veteran alderman said he will let the free market dictate the restaurant's success on the Western corridor, and ultimately signed off on the zoning change. Pilsen has other fast food restaurants, including a McDonald's, Subway and Dunkin Donuts.  And more chain restaurants, including local chains, appear to be coming to the neighborhood. A  Giardano's location opened on 18th Street in 2015 and a Gino's East location with a Mexican inspired menu  opened on 21st Street in 2016.

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